This policy; In case of disagreement between the BORSA EXPERT company and the customer, it is valid according to terms expressed in English or another language. In exceptional cases, the EXCHANGE EXPERT may refund payments made by credit card. In this situation; funds are returned to the card used for deposit purposes.

The customer has the right to close his account at his own discretion. However, the company will approve the account closure if;

In case of no active investment.

Unless there is an ongoing investigation into any of the clauses of the current Terms of Service.

If there is no fee applied to the account; At the request of the customer, the company has to close the account.

Bill; No refunds will be made for violations of the Terms of Service or if suspended due to any misconduct detected by the company.

Company; In case of loss due to a foreseen or unforeseen reason, it is not obliged to make a refund.

Refund request; depositing funds into the client's account can only be fulfilled if the investment is not opened.

In repayments; The payment method used for the deposit will also be used as the basis for the refund.

Returns are processed within 5 business days.

All other requests; will be counted as a withdrawal request, relevant methods and procedures will be applied.

A 10% withdrawal transaction fee will be charged to accounts that have not been deposited before.

Scaling: It is a trading strategy in which the trader (Scalper / Pip Hunter) tries to take advantage of small price movements and narrow gaps by making a large number of trades on a small price in a small price range. In case the EXCHANGE EXPERT considers the customer as a scalper or pip hunter; Where the company does not currently allow, the company may, at its own discretion and without prior written notice, take the following actions:

It can terminate the contract.

In the current market, the client can close their open positions.

For the amount owed to the customer, the customer can debit her accounts.(feminine) Search for this o

The customer can close all accounts in the company.

The customer can consolidate their accounts, consolidate and balance balances in their accounts.

For the customer, the new customer refuses to open the account.

It can stop the investment of money indefinitely.

NOTE: Due to anti-fraud and money laundering laws, inactive accounts cannot withdraw funds for 30 business days.