Our confidentiality agreement includes the provisions that we, as Eagle Trade company, stipulate for the information and services we provide to our esteemed customers. We kindly ask you, our valued customers, to take a little time to examine it.

As Eagle Trade EXPERT, the issue we prioritize on behalf of our company is the privacy policy of our customers. As Eagle Trade EXPERT, we promise our customers to protect their personal data and keep their personal information confidential. This Confidentiality Agreement we have announced specifies in which situations and how you should use your personal data when you choose to be a member of the Eagle Trade EXPERT family. We would also like to point out that we are trying to help you to protect your personal data with us. As another content issue, this includes which data we want to reach. In addition, you may be informed about your rights that will require you to use it in line with your personal information.

We would like to point out that we may change our policy for some reasons. We request you to take a look at our privacy policy from time to time and check if changes are made. The personal data we receive from you is included in our recently updated privacy policy. We would also like to point out that if we change our privacy policy, we will notify you of this update. We would like to underline that this possible change information will be announced only to my users, who are a valuable part of our company.

If you are an employee or third party service provider in the Eagle Trade family, your personal data, business policy, contractual affiliation will be communicated with our company and used in accordance with our other policies in the current position. In our aforementioned confidentiality agreement, “our”, “us”, “us” or “EXCHANGE EXPERT” sources, unless otherwise explained, are the addresses of our group companies SUITE / OFFICE XX, 321-323 HIGH ROAD, CHADWELL HEATH, ESSEX RM6 due to the context requirement. 6AX. It is a reference to every group company within the UK. Likewise, references to "you", "yours", "yours" or "yours" in this Privacy Policy are a reference on behalf of our potential customers, arising from the content potency, unless otherwise stated.

In order to contact our company, we ask you to contact us by using any of the communication sources we have specified, or by logging into our website in addition to these, after you have read and understood the terms of this policy. You agree that the policy we provide, including an update you will make after you create your account at Eagle Trade EXPERT, how we obtain, store, process, share your personal data and your rights during our business relationship and after the termination of the customer relationship, and how we will manage it in other options.


We should state that our aforementioned privacy policy is valid for the processing activities of the data controllers at the address below within the Eagle Trade group of companies: Eagle Trade, SUITE / OFFICE XX, 321-323 HIGH ROAD, CHADWELL HEATH, ESSEX RM6 6AX. UK


The personal information requested from our customers and customers who serve within our company is as follows:

Name, surname and contact data

Date of birth and gender information

Data on income and wealth, including details on assets and liabilities, account balances, transaction submissions, tax and financial statements

Occupation and employment details

Location information

Data and experience in trading, risk tolerance and risk profile

Data for IP address, device details and trading experience

Bank account, e-wallet and credit card data

Details of visits to Eagle Trade site or Eagle Trade application, traffic information, location information, web logs and other contact information


We use cookies to store and obtain data about your use of the Eagle Trade site. We would like to define that cookies are small text files that the browser stores on the hard drive of your device. Cookies send back data that needs to be reloaded to our web server when you log in to the Eagle Trade site. It allows you to make your personal settings and experience the subject in question. allows you to restore your personal options on behalf of the EXCHANGE EXPERT in order to improve it. You can get more information about cookies in our "Cookies Policy" available on our website. In addition, we keep records of your business activities, including:

The products you trade with Eagle Trade company Investments you have made, including the amount you have invested, and previous data on investments Preferences made on behalf of selected products and services If the customer is signing a new account to be opened or an existing account, the law must be able to understand the customer in advance. Anti-money laundering laws require us to view and store the details of the documents (photographs and non-photographic documents) in order to be able to present the standards set within the aforementioned laws. Identity documents required under money laundering legislation or other legislation regarding the services we provide include the following:


Driver's license;

National identity document (if applicable);

Electricity bills;

Certificate of trust (if any);

A credit check on the individual; or

Other data deemed necessary for functions and activities If you are a corporate customer, it is necessary to share additional data such as company addresses, shareholders, directors, officers, in order to include additional personal data for shareholders and directors. We reserve the right to request additional data required to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. We obtain this data in various ways by making use of our services and websites, account opening applications, demo registration forms, webinar registration forms, website cookies and tracking technologies embedded in our website.

News updates and shared data during our updates, third-party marketing lists you purchase from third parties, public sources, social media platforms, brokers and affiliates, bankers and credit card processors, subscription-based intelligence databases, and other third parties also have the right to access data for our customers. we have. We may request other personal data from time to time at our own request. (for example, through market research, surveys or special offers). If you do not wish to fulfill the data required for us to respond to your request for a selected product or service, we may not be able to perform the requested product or service. In addition to the services we provide to the user and our relationship to the user, we may store any communication, whether by the user or otherwise, electronically, by telephone, or by the user. Said records will be the sole property of our company and will provide proof of communication between the company and the customer. Such telephone conversations may be recorded without a warning tone or other warning. In addition, if you visit any of our offices or facilities, we may have the opportunity to have CCTVs that will record your picture.


Companies that are included in the Eagle Trade EXPERT group and meet other opportunities in this direction; When using Eagle Trade's applications, communication systems and trading platforms used by third parties, third-party application providers;

Service providers and specialist consultants contracted for services such as administrative, IT, analytics and online marketing optimization, financial, regulatory, compliance, insurance, research or other services; Providing promotional services to brokers and their associated entities with which a mutual bond is established; Organizations that provide payment services and banks that perform transactions; Agreement with government agencies and law enforcement agencies that oversee, advise, or provide for one of our business motives, courts, tribunals and other regulatory bodies designated and authorized by law, or where required by law, and responding to other legal and regulatory requests; A third party with such considerations to enter into or enforce the Terms of Service or other such agreements; Anyone authorized by the customer. We strive to share with such third parties only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for them to fulfill their contractual obligations. We are not allowed to share or use the personal information of customers we share with third party service providers for a purpose other than providing services to Eagle Trade company. There may be links to third-party websites outside of our websites or apps. We would like to point out that third party websites are not included in this Confidentiality Agreement and these sites are not included in our privacy terms and rules.


We may process your personal information on behalf of one or more legal proceedings in relation to the reasons and purposes determined by our company. The situations referred to as legal basis are as follows:

Fulfilling contractual responsibilities to the client

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

To follow our legitimate interests

If the use of our customers' personal information is neglected by one of the laws consisting of these three articles, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the customer. This permission will be given by the customer freely and voluntarily. The Eagle Trade EXPERT has the right to withdraw customer consent by contacting the company using the contact information specified in this Confidentiality Agreement.


As Eagle Trade EXPERT, we are committed to protecting personal information. We will implement technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security to protect personal information submitted to us from unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access for any reason. We would like to point out that we have appointed a Data Protection Officer in order to ensure that the management of personal data is in compliance with this Privacy Agreement and related legislation. Except for Eagle Trade EXPERT, individuals who agree to comply with the confidentiality of this data ensure that their right to privacy is respected and that they comply with all relevant data protection laws and these privacy notices. we are committed. In summary, the data protection measures we have are as follows: we train our employees dealing with personal data on the privacy of customer information and their privacy, which requires our employees to use passwords and two-factor authentication when accessing our system; Employees can only access the personal information they need for the purposes of the tasks they use. Applies data encryption technologies during information transfer in Internet transactions and client access codes transferred between networks using firewalls, intrusion detection systems and virus scanning tools to protect against unauthorized persons and viruses entering our system; using private secure networks or encryption when sending electronic data for outsourcing; implement a clean desk policy at all facilities that provide secure storage for physical records, institutionally maintained by us and all our relevant institutions; and using physical and electronic means such as access cards, cameras and guards to protect against unauthorized access.


We maintain personal data in a combination of secure computer storage facilities and paper-based files and other records. We take steps to protect the personal data we receive from abuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. When we determine that personal data is no longer necessary, we will remove customer-identifying details or securely destroy records. In addition, it may be necessary for us to keep records for a significant period of time. For example, we are subject to investment services and money laundering laws that require us to keep copies and evidence of actions taken from our company regarding identity verification, sources of income, tracking transactions, telephone, chat. By handling email communications, orders and trade history, your complaints and records, we can demonstrate that we comply with regulatory codes of conduct throughout the business relationship. These records must be retained for five years after our relationship with You has ended, or longer if requested by our Regulators. When you opt out of receiving marketing communications, we will keep your information on our suppression list because we know you do not want to receive these communications. The data we collect from you may be transferred and stored outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). It may also be processed by personnel working outside the EEA who work for us or for one of our suppliers or Affiliates. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is handled securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When we transfer your data to other third parties outside the EEA, we may in some cases rely on applicable standard contractual terms, binding company rules, EU-US Privacy Shield or other equal regulations. If you would like a copy of such regulations, please contact us using the contact details below.


Noting that these rights are not valid under all circumstances, we can list the rights of customers as follows:

Request access to your personal data (commonly known as a "data subject access request"); To request correction of the personal data we hold about you; To request the deletion of your personal data. However, at your request, we may not always comply with your deletion request for specific legal reasons which, if applicable, will be communicated to you.

Is there anything you would like to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of which we depend on a legitimate interest (or that of a third party) and you think it is something related to and affected by your particular situation? Your fundamental rights and freedoms. You also have the right to object to where we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes. In some cases, we may demonstrate that we have legitimate grounds for processing your information that overrides your rights and freedoms; To request the restriction of the processing of your personal data. This enables you to request us to suspend the processing of your personal data in the following scenarios: If you want us to determine the accuracy of the data; where the use of the data is unlawful, but you do not want us to delete it; where you need to keep data without the need for us to hold it, unless you need it to establish, exercise or defend legal claims; or You have objected to our use of your data, but we need to verify whether we are overriding legal grounds for using it;

To request the transfer of your personal data to you or a third party. We will provide you or a third party of your choice with your personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format. Note that this right only applies to automated information (for example, not hard copies) that you have consented to use for you or that we use the information to form a contract with you; And Withdraw your consent if you wish to process your personal information.


We try to respond to all requests within 1 (one) month after our customers' complaints or requests. Sometimes, it may take longer than 1 (one) month if your request is particularly complex or if you make a number of requests. In this case, we will inform you and keep you updated within 1 (one) month from the receipt of your request. If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, if you are a Eagle Trade EXPERT customer, you have the right to lodge a complaint with our supervisory authorities, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Back to stock market specialist is a customer of any of its assets. In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority of your country of residence.