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Why EAGLE TRADE Market Expert ?

You can learn the basics of economy from an expert!

Market follow-up or analysis on your behalf can be done by a Professional!

You will save a lot of time you will spend on the stock market!

Your learning speed increases like never before!

You will never make mistakes like made by amateurs!

You are always up to date with effective and successful information!

When you want a job done right, you usually work with a professional for the best results. The same can be said for managing your assets in the stock market. While you may have some ideas about what kind of investments you should have, an expert stock market advisor can offer you a professional perspective and a superior foresight that you may not have. Magazines, newspapers, television and websites generate a lot of investing information daily, but you need to watch, read and evaluate all of them to make the best investment decision.


If you're new to investing, a stock market specialist will be very helpful in allocating capital and assets to match your goals. If you have an existing portfolio of investments, your stock market specialist can evaluate your current investments and determine whether they are still viable to meet your short- or long-term goals. Remember that a stock market specialist has the time, knowledge, research tools, expertise, and market experience you may not have. After all, stock market is a full time job.

About Us

EAGLE TRADE is a brokerage firm that started to serve with a professional service approach 10 years ago with its industry and market experience. EAGLE TRADE has a brokerage house structure, whose management and transaction structure is audited separately, and where our investors can safely transact in the markets in line with all legal requirements. The infrastructure system is structured within the framework of the law, EAGLE TRADE also registered at every stage and open to the inspection of legal authorities. EAGLE TRADE provides brokerage platform service for you to trade in the Forex market, which is open 24/7. We have a selection of programs compatible with many platforms, such as a desktop computer, iPhone or Android systems.

Our Trainers.

  • Jacob Woods

    Jacob has over 10 years of experience in London as a market specialist. Jacob, who works as a trainer at EAGLE TRADE, makes a difference with the market analyzes he gives to investors.
  • Richard Gate

    Statistician Richard is proficient in crypto, which is seen as the money of the future. You can rely on the EAGLE TRADE team to determine the right information and strategy for the highly volatile crypto market.
  • Jessica Dixon

    Jessica is an expert in investment diversification and risk management, with experience in finance from various positions within Corporate brands. You can get any information that can put you ahead in the market from EAGLE TRADE trainers.
  • Michael Thomas

    Michael rose to a certain level as an academician at the university, and later on, he made a name for himself in the market with his technical knowledge on commodities. Michael Thomas is a Cornell Banking graduate who guides investors with his training on the Middle East / Asian market.
  • Dr. Amida Devi

    Psychologist Dr. Amida is a trainer who believes in the importance of psychological support in order to be successful in the stock market. EAGLE TRADE is a brokerage house that believes that success does not come by chance. Trainings of Dr. Amida are invaluable for setting financial strategy.
  • Jim Cook

    Jim Cook, with his experience based on the European market, helps you determine a portfolio according to your financial situation. The factors that bring success in the European stock markets are the combination of knowledge, skills and experience. Don't miss the Jim Cook trainings with his deep market experience.

Technical Analysis and Investing Strategy

Technical analysis is used to statistically monitor what prices are doing in the past and currently, to make an accurate trading strategy for the future. Many analysts define technical analysis as predicting future price movements by looking at past price movements, which is an incorrect definition. A future-oriented trading strategy can be created through indicators that are derivatives of price, volume and price.

A decent trading strategy should include:

  • Buy point
  • Stop loss level (the point where the loss was cut),
  • Profit target
  • How to sell (tracing stop) after the reach profit target should be specified

The important point here is that all of them should be revealed before the purchase and should not be changed after entering the position. The important point here is that all of them should be revealed before the purchase and should not be changed after entering the position. The Question Not To Ask, Will prices go up tomorrow? The right question is what will I do if prices go up? or What do I do if prices drop?...A technical analyst may know and interpret indicators very well, but a positive result is not guaranteed when it comes to making money in the stock market. Knowing the rules of technical analysis very well and getting very good returns are two different things. Well, it can be predicted that you will say, “Knowing technical analysis or fundamental analysis does not bring money, then there is no point in learning these tools”. The point we would like to emphasize; Technical and Fundamental analysis knowledge must be compatible with the personality and psychology of the investor. In the light of articles, studies and books published on this subject so far, it has been observed that the degree of success of technical and fundamental analysis tools is significantly low unless suitable conditions are met. Before using technical and fundamental analysis tools, your psychological state needs to be compatible with these tools. Technical analysis indicators can give you an idea about the direction of prices, but the important thing is your ability to turn this information into an effective form of buying and selling. So, can you generate incomes by using these information? Technical analysis does not answer this question, and the reasons for losses are due to human psychology.

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Testimonial .

  • ‘’ I'm on my way to my financial freedom step by step, with investment diversification, I have guaranteed my returns! ‘’

    Christian Erikssen
  • "By minimizing the risk, I get decent profits quickly in the investment process that I entered, in a much shorter time than I expected. Thank you EAGLE TRADE Team!!"

    Oleg Mitranov
  • ‘’Advisors of EAGLE TRADE find profitable ways according to your financial situation and goals.’’

    Rachel Weiss